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Sun Print Paper Kit 8x 10

Sun Print Paper Kit 8x 10

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The SunPrint Solar Paper Kit 8x 10 is an easy-to-use and versatile way to create beautiful art with the power of the sun. Place a fern, flower, or other object on the special paper and set it in the sun briefly. Then rinse the paper in water and watch as a beautiful long-lasting image appears!

This kit is great for hands-on fun with groups, whether it be in the classroom, in a camp, a museum workshop, birthday party or any other group setting. Layering techniques, motion, and manipulation of the paper itself are all implements in the Sunprinter’s toolbox. Make prints of physical objects or transfer digital images via transparency sheet.

The Sunprint Kit has been providing fun, learning, and creative stimulation for the curious of all ages since 1975. It can also be used as a scientific tool, as its sensitivity to ultra-violet light lends itself to sun-based investigations. The kit contains 15 8'x12' sheets and one acrylic overlay, and is made in the USA.

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